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By | January 18, 2013
Message From The Band, 2 New Member’s Galleries, Hansonopoly 20th Edition Coming Soon and more in this week’s newsletter!
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  • MEMBER EXCLUSIVE 2 New Galleries
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  • NEW Hansonopoly 20th Edition Coming Soon!
  • NEW HANSON 20th Daily Picture – Check out the latest daily picture posted each day celebrating 20 years of music
  • RECAP Check out all the HANSON 20th pictures posted this week and the MANY more!
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NEW From The Band

This Week

This last week was really special. We got to share a beautiful place and a lot of music with a few hundred amazing members from all over the world, during the Back To The Island destination concert event. Of course we all tried to relax between concerts, and from what we saw everyone who attended got plenty of their own r & r. It was amazing to see so many people from different parts of the world coming together for the week, and it inspired us further about the year we are planning which will be taking our tour to places far and wide. During the shows we got to mix it up, and we even premiered a few brand new songs, along with a guest appearance from rock ‘n’ roll heavyweight, Warren Haynes which was a blast. After such a great week we decided to do it again next year, and all the details will be announced at the first of next month for anyone who did not make it to this year to get a shot to join us in 2014.

We are also working swiftly to pull together the music video for the first single which is looking AMAZING. in the next few days there should be a chance to give some early looks at how it is coming together. We’re pumped to be a few weeks away from finished recording the rest of the album as well, but that means there’s still a lot of long days and late nights in the studio ahead of us…nothing we have not done many times before.

For all of you who joined us in Jamaica, we hope you made it home safe and sound and we are so thankful to everyone (including Charlie Mars and Robert Schwartzman who joined us) for coming out. We are now back to thinking all about new music and all the stuff that will go with it.

Have a great week!
Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson


For Fan Club Members: We’ve added 2 new galleries with photos from our Jamaican adventure and our album recording in the LA studio! Check it out!

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NEW Hansonopoly 20th Edition!

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NEW HANSON 20th Daily Picture

Every single day starting back in May during the 20th anniversary HANSON DAY event we have been posting a daily picture highlighting a moment in HANSON History. Check out the new pic posted today!

HANSON 20th daily picture recap

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