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By | January 16, 2013
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NEW From The Band

This Week

This week we are sending you a message from the shores of Jamaica. After nearly a year of anticipation, we are finally nestled into the lovely beaches of Negril Jamaica, with those of you that traveled to be with us (also we will be sharing some pics for those that could not attend). We are really excited about what the five days of music and insanity that is to come for our first Back To The Island destination concert. It will be great to see fanclub members from around the world all together to enjoy the week of music and sun.

Beyond this new southern exposure, there has been a lot of action this last week. One of the biggest events was shooting the music video for the coming first single of the new album. Just a few days ago we invited fans in the LA area to be a part of the shoot with a post online and quickly had countless responses. The shoot went better than we could have imagined with an amazing team and quite a few special guests (namely our leading ladies, Nikki Reed and Kat Dennings, along with Drew Seeley, Alex Beh, Amy Pafrath, Drake Bell and Paul McDonald).

The collection of all these friends and faces was (and is) an incredible way to begin the build toward this album and new single’s release which is a couple months away. We actually still have a lot of recording to do, but the single is mixed and the video is being edited as we speak and we are friggin excited. We are so grateful to our special guests/crew and of course many of you who made plans to help us out in the vid, we hope you love it when it’s all done.

Along with the excitement of the coming album and the video/single, we are going to take advantage of an amazing few days in Sunny Jamaica recharging and filling the air with tunes with some of our favorite people, YOU. (and we are thrilled to have our bud’s Charlie Mars and Robert Schwartzman joining us here on the Island).

All our best from the Island! Have a great week!

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson


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NEW HANSON 20th Daily Picture

Every single day starting back in May during the 20th anniversary HANSON DAY event we have been posting a daily picture highlighting a moment in HANSON History. Check out the new pic posted today!

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