2012 Year in Review

By | January 1, 2013

In 2012, Hanson celebrated their 20th year as a band as well as 15 years since the release of the single MMMBop.  Let’s take a look back at what happened in 2012.


The year kicked off with the winners of the My Favorite Christmas Sweater contest.  We got word that there would be some fun new merchandise for Valentine’s Day and that Carly Rae Jepsen – who was relatively unknown in the US at the time – would be supporting Hanson on the Canadian tour. The May Members Only Event was announced and Facing the Blank Page Live was released. At the end of the month, the Canadian tour kicked off.


Hanson and their wives appeared on 20/20.  The Canadian tour continued. Previous Musical Ride shows that were canceled due to band illness had been rescheduled, with the exception of the Portland, ME show. We found out that Hanson would be creating a trivia game.


March brought us more details on the Members Only Event in May – with details on Movie Night and Bowling. Hanson created an account on Google+. Shout It Out was released in The Philippines. Hanson performed at the Woody Guthrie Celebration in Tulsa.  Taylor turned 29. Shout It Out’s April 3rd Canadian release was announced. The Back To The Island concert event was announced. March ended with Hanson’s visit to Manila and Cebu in the Philippines for 2 concerts and a Members Only Even and the announcement that after 7 years, Hanson would be returning to Australia.


A second resort was added for the Back To the Island event.  An Australian MOE was announced.  The 2012 Members EP – No Sleep for Banditos was announced. Due to quick sell outs in Australia, more tour dates were added.  Hanson joined Pinterest.


Charlie Mars was announced as the musical guest for Back To The Island.  Hanson was announced as a performer at Eat To the Beat at EPCOT. Middle of Nowhere turned 15.  Fans from all over the world flocked to Tulsa for the Members Only Event weekend. The Hanson at my Wedding project came to an end with Hanson offering the bride and groom Hanson at my honeymoon and a trip to Jamaica.  The Hanson 20th Daily pictures began. The month ended with Hanson singing the National Anthem at the OKC Thunder game.


The Members Only Event merchandise made its way to the Hanson.net store.  New Summer merchandise items were added including a weekend bag, tank top, t-shirt and sunglasses.


Hanson performed at the Milwaukee Summerfest. Natalie wrote a blog about how she and Taylor chose baby names and announced that their 5th child would be a girl.  The band performed in Des Moines, IA.


Shout It Out was released in Australia, digitally.  The Hanson.net Members Merchandise Design Contest was announced.   The band performed at the Casino Nova Scotia, Little Lake Musicfest and in Vancouver.


Hanson kicked off their Australian tour with multiple shows and 2 Members Only Events in Sydney. We were kept updated with several television appearances. The t-shirts from the design contest were put up for a vote. Hanson covers We Are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift and the video goes viral.  Taylor Swift  tweets about the cover.  The design contest winner is announced.


New merchandise is announced including cell phone cases, laptop cases and a 2013 calendar.  The winning design contest t-shirt is also available for purchase for a short period of time. We find out that Otis Redding’s – The Dock of the Bay is the record that changed Taylor’s life.  Taylor and Natalie welcome their daughter, Wilhelmina to the world.  A new Hansonopoly game is announced.  Zac celebrates his 27th birthday at Disney World and the band plays 6 concerts over 2 days at EPCOTs American Garden Theater as part of “Eat To The Beat”.  A new Halloween song, ZOMBIE, debuts on Hanson.net.  The band appears on Oprah’s “Where Are They Now?”


New Holiday merchandise is released including bangles, a scarf and a new ornament.  The Digital EP “Digital Pants” is released with Members Only content from 2006-2012 including “Zombie” and the new Christmas tune “Hear Those Jingle Bells”  Isaac turns 32.


Hanson is recording album 6 and has been blogging updates from the studio as well as added a new gallery on Hanson.net.


In 2013 we have Back to the Island to look forward to as well as the announcement of the 2013 MOE, a new album and hopefully a new tour as well!