Zac Hanson: Our Sons May Form a Future Band

By | October 30, 2012


Their singing careers began with their sensational single “Mmmbop,” but these days, the Hanson brothers are juggling their fan following with their own brood of babies.

And with nine children between the three of them, the multi-talented musicians admit balancing the best of both worlds isn’t always so easy.

“I think the last … four years in a row we did right around 40 to 50 shows in the U.S. every year,” Isaac, who along with wife Nicole are parents to sons Clarke Everett, 5½, and James Monroe, 4, says during Tuesday’s episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now?, airing at 10 p.m. on OWN.

“It can be a hard thing. We all have kids and wives and lawns to mow,” Zac, dad to Shepherd, 4, and Junia Rosa Ruth, 22 months, with wife Kate, quips. Recently becoming a family of seven with the arrival of daughter Wilhelmina Jane earlier this month, Taylor, 29, takes the blame for “off-setting the scales” with Jordan Ezra, 10, Penelope Anne, 7, River Samuel, 6, and Viggo Moriah, 3½, his children with wife Natalie.

“Zac and I don’t have that many between the two of us!” Isaac, 31, jokes.

But amid the chaos of kids, there may be a future band in the making; The famous fathers liken the relationship between three of their sons to their own tight-knit trio.

“Each of us have a boy that was born in 2008 — they sort of fit our roles,” Zac, 27, explains. “Viggo … he’s kind of the mastermind, and Isaac’s 4-year-old Monroe, he’s kind of the show man, the frontman, he’s very outgoing. And my son Shepherd … he hits things! He’s sort of the muscle.”

“He’s like, ‘Hey, Shep…” Isaac says with a laugh, leading Zac to interject, “‘Go beat that kid up. That kid stole my lollipop, beat him up!’”

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