Spurs vs. Thunder best of seven

By | June 2, 2012

Spurs Nation

The Hanson brothers perform the national anthem before Game 3. Edward A. Ornelas / Express-News

O, say can you MMMBop? Oklahoma faves Hanson do a stirring national anthem. No, really, it was stirring.

Another opening tip, another Spurs possession. Could this be the highlight of Game 3 for Tim Duncan?

10:56, 1st quarter, Thabo Sefolosha steals errant pass by Duncan. Could this be significant?

10:05, 1st quarter, Sefolosha steals Boris Diaw pass. Spurs’ brows begin to furrow.

9:43, 1st quarter, Sefolosha steals another Duncan pass. What’s going on here?

9:20, 1st quarter, Sefolosha steals ball from Tony Parker. Hey, aren’t the Swiss supposed to be neutral?

9:47, 4th quarter, DeJuan Blair sees first action of series. Even Switzer-?land’s Sefolosha recognizes this as Pop’s white flag of surrender.

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