My First Hanson Concert: Shout It Out Tour

By | April 20, 2012

Name: Edlyn Torrecampo

Which Tour: Shout It Out Tour

Date: March 31, 2012

City/State: Cebu City, Philippines

I went with: My deary

I expected the show to: Be awesome, excitement, lots of fun

I wainted in line for: 1 hour

My favorite thing they did was: Oh Darlin by Zac. Actually, all the songs, I really enjoy listening.

A funny thing that happened during the show was: After the show, Tay and Zac jumped and then Zac lay on the floor. That’s amazing. I really love it.

After the show we: Waited until the brothers left

The show did/did not meet my expectations because: The show did meet my expectations because they make me happy and I didn’t expect to see them live but it happened! I love you Hanson forever!

Anything else you would like to include: LONG LIVE HANSON! May God bless you and your family. Hope to see you again here in the Philippines.

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