Hanson is signing autographs this evening on Queen West

By | April 3, 2012

Hanson’s new album is being released today (Image: Hanson)

At 6:30 p.m. today at HMV on Queen Street West, Isaac, Taylor and Zachary Hanson—the boys who won hearts with their infectiously repetitive and upbeat song “Mmmbop”—will be performing an acoustic set and signing autographs. It’s been years since we’ve heard any murmurs on the Hanson front, but after one follow-up hit in 2004, a 2007 album we barely remember and three marriages and five kids, the boys men are back in business with their latest release, Shout It Out. We recommend thinking of excuses to leave work early now, because come 6:30, it’s going to be pretty hard to make out what’s become of Taylor’s long, silky locks.

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