MTV News Goes Record Shopping With Hanson

By | February 23, 2012

MTV Canada

It’s been more than sixteen years since 3 brothers from Oklahoma exploded onto the music scene with their breakout hit, ‘MMMBop‘ as Hanson. Now, 8 albums later the boys are all married and have a combined 8 children between them yet show no sign of slowing down.

MTV News recently had the chance to chat with the boys and we figured what better thing to do with Hanson then take them to a good ‘ol fashioned record store and do a little music-shopping. We had the guys pick 3 albums that they feel no music collection should ever be without.

We’re here discovering music,” says Taylor. “Kids! You used to go buy physical CD’s, and LP’s. [Yeah], people used to go to an actual place!”

First up Taylor picked an album that he says was a little bit old-school.

There’ a lot to chose from in here, I went a little bit old-school. Raphael Saadiq, it’s almost a little bit like going old-school, but it’s not. He’s one of the most talented musicians around today. His record ‘Stone Rollin‘ is one that I’ve heard a lot about and I’m excited to get it. It’s just so nice to hold the LP version. He’s somebody that you should go back and discover later, as well. Check out all his other records. Incredibly talented.”

Next up Isaac chose an album that he discovered by using the music-identification application, Shazam!

[Aloe Black’s ‘Good Things’ album!] The way I discovered this record, of all things, I was watching TV and flipping through the channels and stopped on NPR, and in between interview segments they played his song and I liked it, I pulled out my cellphone and I launched the Shazam app to figure out what the song was because I really liked it, and I ended up buying the record.”

Finally, with a wink the boys choose “one of the great rock records of all time”; of course we’re talking aboutAC/DC’s classic 1976-album ‘High Voltage‘.

The key ladies and gentlemen, is execution. And that is what Angus has going for him, that is what the whole band has going for them, it’s all about execution, it’s not about the number of chords, it’s about how you play it!”

So there you have it – run out and buy Hanson’s album-picks, as well as their latest record, ‘Shout It Out‘ available in stores and online now.

For more from our time with Hanson, catch the full piece below.

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