Fan of the Month February: Paola

By | February 1, 2012

Name: Paola
Age: 35
Location: Miami
What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have?:
I remember back in 1997 when I was still living in Argentina and I saw
them on tv. That was just amazing!

How many times have you seen Hanson in concert? Favorite concert
memory?:Although I liked them very much back then, i was not a fan. And also I couldn’t afford to travel and go to their concerts. Now that I live in the USA things has changed! Ijust saw them in fort lauderdale on last October on the 29th. And I instantly became a fan. They are even better now. I went to fort myers to see them on December the 4th and I had so much fun! Amazing!. I am Going to the Sayreville, NJ Hanson show to which I requested a M&G- Crossed fingers-. I am Flying over there from Miami! I am travelling by myself and believe it or not, I never done that before. That’s how much I love them! Actually thanks to my love for Hanson, I have met a lot of fans that are amazing. Like Steph she lives in New York and we are gonna see each other face to face on Feb 16th for the first time. But we are friends already-Internet magic- : )I can’t wait.

What is your favorite Hanson song, and why?:
I have more than one favorite hanson song. I love all of them so much! But if I have to choose
one, that would be “Use me up”. Why? Because It’s a beautiful song,
beautifully sing by zack and it got to me from the first time I
listened to it.

Why do you like/love Hanson?:
I love that they are very creative and amazing songwriters. I also
love their voices, they are so talented musicians. I also love that
they are simple and down to earth people. What I love the most is that
they are so close to us their fans.

How long have you been a Hanson fan?:
I’m actually a kinda new fan.

Why should you be FAN OF THE MONTH?:
Cuz I have become one of their official fan on their web page. I have
been following them on twitter religiously. Also on their Facebook
page. I have uploaded videos from their concert on YouTube, I became their friend on My Space, Steph and I created a Tulsa 2012 event on Facebook ( almost 40 fans have joined in less than 48 hours). And
although I’m a new fan, I will be a devoted Hanson fan for ever.

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