Hanson Year in Review 2011

By | December 31, 2011

January started off with rumors of Hanson touring South America.  Hanson asked for fans to help with artwork for “One Day Without Shoes”.  We found out that Hanson chocolates would be back, there would be a Hanson Giving Cup, cofee and a new Valentine’s Day I Heart Hanson t-shirt available with the Valentine’s day merch.  Fans were also enouraged to submit community chest cards to the band for the forthcoming Hansonopoly.  Hanson finished the month with a showcase in New York City and performances at MIDEM.

In February, the band did the “Meet Me In The Middle” concert in London and streamed it on Hanson.net for fans to watch. The performance was part of the “Save 100 Club” campaign.  Extreme winter weather caused delays for some with Valentine’s Day merchandise being shipped. The Thinking Bout Somethin video topped 1 million views on Youtube.  Hanson spent a week in the studio writing and recording the new Hanson.net Members EP and they streamed part of the session online. We found out Hanson would perform at SXSW.  The Give a Little video premiered on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown. Hanson performed on Jay Leno. Hanson announced they would be embarking on a radio tour in March.

March kicked off with details of some of the radio station events.  Hansonstage had “A Tay a Day” to celebrate Taylor turning 28. We were formally introduced to Zac’s daughter, Junia.  It was announced Hanson would perform at Live in the Vineyard.  Hansonstage reported with photos and setlists from most of the radio stops. 5 of 5 in London was announced. The band’s first trip to Montana was announced – a performance would be held there in August. A Hanson billboard surfaced in Austin, TX to promote Give a Little and the bands SXSW performace.  Hanson day 2011 was announced for May 14.  Hanson threw together SXSW 4 Japan, a telethon broadcasting live from SXSW to help raise money for Japan after the earthquake.  It was announced that Hanson would once again perform at Eat to the Beat in EPCOT and that they’d be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

We found out that Hanson would be recording a cover album of SlipKnot covers in Early April.  Oh wait, April Fools!  Hanson was VH1’s artist of the month for April – no foolin’.  The SXSW for Japan album and Give a Little single were both released via iTunes.  Hanson perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live & Conan!  Hansonopoly’s release date is announced for May 14.  Hanson perform at Live in the Vineyard. Hanson is announced as a performer at Pinkpop in the Netherlands. Hanson perform on Dancing With the Stars and act as the shows house band for “Guilty Pleasures” night.

In May, Hanson started the month with a special Hanson Day stream.  They performed in Nashville with Jars of Clay for a Blood:Water benefit show.  The release of Facing the Blank Page (HNet Members Kit) was announced as well as details for the Members Only Event on the 14th. A new guide to Tulsa was released. The “Even Though Her Favorite Band is Still Hanson” billboard surfaces in PA.  Local Tulsa shops created ‘Tulsa is my Graceland’ merchandise for the Members Only Event.  Fans flocked to Tulsa for the Members Only Event and reported back with all the details on the new merchandise that was available.

June kicked off with the Song vs Song winner being announced – Been there Before.  Hanson was in the UK for the London 5 of 5 and release of Shout It Out.  Before each show Hanson told Hanson.net members “The Story” of how each of the albums were made. Hanson performed at Pinkpop.  We first found out Hanson would be appearing in Katy Perry’s latest music video.  Hanson performed at Gaylord National in National Harbor for Fresh FM.  Hanson’s performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live finally aired. The Canadian Post went on strike so orders from Hanson.net could not be shipped to those in Canada.  Hanson did a radio performance in Tuscon & Buffalo.

Although the year started off with fans thinking Hanson would not be touring, July brought us an announcement of the Musical Ride Tour – where fans would get to vote on which album would be played as part of the set each night of the tour. Give a Little battled it out on Sophie’s Challenge. Shortly after the announcement of the Musical Ride tour – a WORLD tour was announced!  At 5 of the Musical Ride tour dates Hanson would be doing a members only event before the show where they tell “The Story” of the album being played that night.

August started with the Musical Ride Tour Contest on facebook.  Hanson performed a the Magic City Blues Festival in Montana and at V Festival in London.  They were announced as performing at the Sunset Junction Street fair at the end of the month, but due to permit problems, the concert ended up being canceled.   The band got a lot of press when Isaac made some comments about the Kings of Leon.  When Sara Barellies gear was destroyed after the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair, Hanson lent some instruments to her and her band so that they could continue their tour in Tulsa.  Sara and her band wore Hanson shirts during the show. Additional dates were added to the Shout It Out World Tour.

September kicked off the Musical Ride tour and some new merchandise. MMMBop made the list as one of the worst songs of the 90s!  Even more dates were added to the World Tour, this time in Germany. Hanson did a cover of Weezers “Troublemaker” for Billboard.com’s Mashup Mondays.  Rumors started that Hanson might not make another full length album because the music industry was shifting to having EP or buying just a song or two being more popular. Hanson was announced as one of the performers at the Wink FM Almost Acoustic Christmas show.  One of the Chicago shows was cut short due to a fan falling from the balcony.  Hanson did a cover of UnAmerican’s “Tonight’s The First Night”.  Meiko joined Hanson to cover Super Freak and U Can’t Touch This.

Hanson continued on the Musical Ride tour throughout October.  The facebook contest for the Shout It Out World Tour was announced.  They performed their cover of Troublemaker live in Boston. After playing half of a show to the Portland, ME crowd, the band canceled the show due to illness.  They also canceled the show in Albany scheduled for the next night. With some time off, the fans hoped the band would recuperate, but they were forced to cancel Pittsburgh and Dallas, TX show as well.  Fans weren’t sure whether the shows would be made up or not and this was the first time ever due to colds the band had to cancel. (Previously it had been when Isaac was in the hospital with a blood clot and due to natural disasters)  The tour picked back up again in Lancaster, PA.

In November, Hanson finished the Musical Ride tour after a show at EPCOT and took off for Brazil, where they did one of the first international members only events. Also getting a members only event on the world tour was Koln, Germany.  Holiday merchandise arrived at the Hanson.net store – an ornament, apron and cookie cutter set!  Hanson.net members got discounts on select merchandise throughout the month.  I <3 Hanson onesies and children’s tshirts were also placed in the Hanson.net store.  Pittsburgh and Albany dates that were previously canceled were rescheduled for February 2012 and an additional date in Sayreville, NJ was also added. A christmas bundle of a mug, card and NEW CHRISTMAS SONG – My Favorite Christmas Sweater was released on hanson.net.  An XFactor contestant forgot the words to MMMBop and was sent home the next night.

December started with the announcement that Hanson would be brewing their own beer known as “MMMhop”.   The band also performed at several holiday radio shows as well as Pet a Palooza in FL. Their last concert of the year was at Rock The Red Kettle in Los Angeles with other bands such as Honor Society.

2012 brings us to 15 years since the release of the single MMMBop and 20 years since Hanson formed as a band and we can’t wait to see what kind of surprised they have in store for us!