Daily Archives: December 31, 2011

Hanson Year in Review 2011

January started off with rumors of Hanson touring South America.  Hanson asked for fans to help with artwork for “One Day Without Shoes”.  We found out that Hanson chocolates would be back, there would be a Hanson Giving Cup, cofee and a new Valentine’s Day I Heart Hanson t-shirt available with the Valentine’s day merch.  Fans were also enouraged… Read More »

Year In Review: Musical Ride Tour

Musical Ride (US Fall Tour) Statistics Please note that these stats are not 100% accurate because we do not have what we believe to be complete setlists for Memphis, Boulder, Detroit or Grand Rapids shows. Total Songs Performed: 783 Unique Songs Performed: 74 Middle of Nowhere wins: 7 This Time Around Wins: 11 Underneath Wins: 6 The Walk… Read More »