Hanson’s Making a Beer — But What Will It Look Like?

By | December 16, 2011

Creativity Online

Remember Hanson? The young pop trio that were all the rage in the ’90s are old enough to drink now–and they’re making sure you know about it. The Hanson brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac recently announced that are releasing their own brand of beer. It’s an India Pale Ale and it’s called, aptly, “MmmHop.”

We asked designers, students and creatives to send us some ideas of what the packaging for the new beer should look like. Here’s what they came up with. Got ideas of your own? Send them tocreativityeds@creativity-online.com and we’ll add them!



Droga5’s Kenny Kim, art director and Sophie Isherwood, copywriter

This concept even lets you mouth kiss the brothers–all three, if you drink half a six-pack!




Hyper Island’s student team, Carl Oscar Lund-Hansen, Peter Sundberg, Jonathan Pettersson and Jacqueline Anne Sibert

It’s a secret no one knows. You would never guess from this more subtle approach (and save for the brew’s moniker) that the bros spawned this brew. 


Help Remedies Designer Phillip Nessen

Help Remedies designer Phillip Nessen used the principles of Dadaism for his design. He embraced the “senseless horror and atrocity of MmmHop” by making a sketch of a bottle while blindfolded and then applied random graphics to create this 3D bottle.



Bruce Mau Design

Bottle inspired by the original album artwork