Fearne Cotton Reveals Teen Crush On Taylor Hanson

By | December 15, 2011

Huffington Post 

Fearne Cotton once penned a love letter to Hanson brother Taylor begging him to marry her.

The Radio 1 DJ hasn’t always been so cool and hip – she suffered the same embarrassing teenage crushes as the rest of us.

And despite being a TV presenter from an early age, Fearne couldn’t get to grips with this particular celebrity, who stole her heart with a rousing rendition of pop masterpiece MmmBop.

During her show on Thursday, Fearne’s five closest pals presented alongside her as part of Radio 1’s ‘Bring your friend to work day’, and one snitch couldn’t wait to dish the dirt.

Fearne had to play Truth or Dare to decide which embarrassing secrets to tell listeners, and opted to allow her chum to reveal all.

The friend explained: “When Fearne was about 14 and Hanson were in their heyday, she was absolutely in love with Taylor and she wrote to him, sent a picture of herself, begging him to marry her. And she was just asking if he’d marry her and if he’d come to England… she was rather obsessed, to put it mildly.”

A red-faced Fearne added: “I still love them, they’ve still got it. It is so tragically true, I did at one point think I was going to marry Taylor Hanson.”