Hanson drummer labels Janet Devlin’s ‘MMMBop’ performance as “p*ss-poor”

By | November 30, 2011

Press Party

Zac Hanson has criticised Janet Devlin’s performance of Hanson’s ‘MMMBop’ on the X Factor as “piss-poor” after she forgot the words to the pop classic.

Devlin messed up the lyrics half way through the song on the TV programme’s live show on Saturday (November 26) before being eliminated the next day.

And, speaking to The Fly, drummer Zac Hanson rounded on the singer – although he acknowledged it was probably just down to nerves. He said:

“She seemed really nervous and she did a pretty piss-poor job of it. Not trying to be mean, I think she can sing but there’s a certain groove to that song that comes from listening to doo-wop records and Motown records and that’s the way you have to sing it, with that in mind. It sounded like she was singing it as straight as possible. It was like she didn’t remember the song. From what I’m told, she’s a fan of the band, that’s why she picked the song. I can only figure that nerves took over.”

Although admitting she has a “good voice” and would be open to writing music with her, he also lamented her lack of professionalism in forgetting the words. He added:

“I don’t feel sorry for her because I think it’s your job as a performer to do things well. If I had to sing an opera song, I would spend every day making sure I knew that song inside and out so that I when I came to perform it I wouldn’t do a crap job of it. That’s your responsibility. She has a good voice though so I wouldn’t turn it down if she wanted to co-write a song.”