Round Trip with Dave O

By | November 21, 2011

If you were a female who grew up in the ’90′s, chances are you believed that you were going to marry either Zac, Isaac or Taylor Hanson, affectionately known as Hanson. The Tulsa, Oklahoma based brothers became household names by the fall of 1997 after the album “Middle Of Nowhere” and the hit “MMMBop,” which helped them get nominated for three Grammy awards. Dave O recently SKYPED with Zac Hanson to discuss both the hysteria of the late ’90′s, but also Hanson’s new album. Topics covered include the real story of “MMMBop,” how the band got its lucky break, unauthorized fan biographies, covering Slipknot, charities the band is involved with and much, much more. *** NOTE *** Zac Hanson is one of the nicest guys you will ever deal with.


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  1. Anonymous

    When Zac was thirteen, he often expressed his gratitude for having been acknowledged as a musician, and not just dismissed as someone “still in school”. He’s said recently that it was very frustrating that people were unwilling to take his career seriously when he was young. Did he really have to perpetuate the degrading attitude bestowed upon young people?

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