2011 Tickets / Setlists / Posters Needed

By | October 31, 2011

For those of you who do not know, in the tour area of hansonstage.com, we post tickets for all of the concerts Hanson has done as well as setlists (and in the case of the musical ride tour, the limited edition posters as well)  However, as we do not attend every show we need everyone’s help to make sure we have a complete listing!  Here are the tickets / setlists / posters still missing from 2011.

All you need to do is scan the ticket or take a digital photo (this can even be done with your phone if it is all you have) and send it to tickets@hansonstage.com.  Setlists can be send to the same email.  Thanks in advance!

Ticket scans/ photos can be sent to tickets@hansonstage.com

April 7 Denver, CO
April 9 Napa, CA
May 10 Nashville, TN

June 5 5 of 5 Middle of Nowhere Night
June 6 5 of 5 This Time Around Night
June 7 5 of 5 Underneath Night
June 8 5 of 5 The Walk Night
June 10 5 of 5 Shout It Out Night

August 28 Silverlake, CA (show was canceled but some did have tickets)
September 4 Seattle, WA Ticket & Poster
September 5 Portland, OR Ticket & Poster
September 9 Memphis, TN Ticket
September 10 Anaheim Poster
September 13 Phoenix Ticket
September 18 Albuquerque Ticket & Poster
September 23 Houston Poster
September 27 Chicago  #1 Poster
September 29 Nashville Poster

October 4 Grand Rapids Ticket & Poster
October 5 Cleveland Ticket
October 7 Northampton Poster
October  17 Lancaster Ticket
October 19 Falls Church Poster
October 20 Philadelphia Ticket

(If a show is looking for a poster and you know there were no posters available for that show, please let us know)

November 11 Chile Ticket
November 15 Stuttgart Ticket
November 16 Cologne Ticket
November 18 Amsterdam Ticket
November 20 Milan Ticket
November 22 Paris Ticket
November 25 Edinburgh Ticket
November 26 Newcastle Ticket
November 27 Birmingham Ticket

December 3 Pet a Palooza Orlando Ticket
December 4 WINK FM Christmas Fort Myers Ticket