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Hanson: All grown up and playing the Culture Room

Miami Herald When pop trio Hanson stormed the scene in the late ’90s with its ubiquitous and infectious hit MMMBop, it seemed that the sky was the limit for the band. In reality, that song’s popularity was pretty much the limit as far as superstardom goes. Still, the brothers — Isaac (guitar), Taylor (keyboards) and Zac (drums) —… Read More »

Weekend Planner: MMMMBop… Hanson Brothers Are Back

St Pete Patch 1.) Hanson at the State: It’s been years – decades even – since MMMBop put Hanson on the map. The brothers are older now and have families with kids of their own. But they are still putting out hummable music, which they play Friday at the State. The show begins at 7. Admission is $27-$31.… Read More »

My First Hanson Concert: Underneath Acoustic

Name: Winona Which Tour: Underneath Acoustic Date: 10/14/2003 City/State: Cleveland, OH I went with: a guy friend of mine I dragged along who became a Hanson fan! I expected the show to: be amazing. I’d been a fan for a few years (since This Time Around came out) but hadn’t been able to see them live. Compounding my… Read More »