Hanson: Fully Prepared For A Walking Dead-Style Zombie Apocalypse

By | October 19, 2011

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We all know the Hanson brothers are doing their part to fill the world with beautiful music while populating it with beautiful people (they’ve got eight kids between them, so far). But when the guys stopped by Big Morning Buzz Live to chat about their ongoing tour, we asked them the question on about 7.3 million (sleep-deprived) Walking Deadfans’ minds: Are Hanson prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

“If the Zombie Apocalypse comes, you want to be with Hanson,” Taylor, 28, answered with confidence.

“For one, we live in Oklahoma, so …,” Isaac, 31, reasoned, as Taylor completed the thought, “We own weapons.”

“We live on enough land that there probably aren’t going to be that many walkers, at least for a while, around the house, which is good, ” explained baby bro Zac, who turns 26 on Saturday.

Then Taylor got really into the planning: “We’re able to create a nice barricade. We can all gather together at one point and set up a perimeter. We’re on high ground, so we can position ourselves.”

And with the argument that is sure to have us booking a ticket to the Hanson compound when disaster strikes, Zac added: “And I play ‘Left for Dead,’ the video game, a lot, so I’m well practiced with shooting zombies.”

Take that, Norman Reedus!

And OK, here’s a much more serious interview with the boys, in which they propose dressing as the Jonas Brothers for Halloween. Head over to the VH1 Blog to watch Hanson’s live performance.

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