Girls Still Sleeping On The Street For Hanson Tickets Nearly 15 Years After ‘Mmmbop’

By | October 19, 2011


By Dionne Buxton

What group do you know of that can basically disappear from mainstream, nearly 15 years removed from the hit most people know them for, and still have diehard fans sleeping outside for concert tickets?

Hanson, of course.

The trio of brothers performs tonight at the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square (right next door to the MTV offices), and there are already more than 30 fans with sleeping bags waiting outside for a chance to get as close as possible to the group.

The band, best known for their 1997 hit “Mmmbop,” haven’t been able to reach that top spot again since their label merged with another and left them without a label that understood them “creatively,” according the fans we talked to. But they don’t need a popular label backing them; they never stopped making music.

“They put out their fifth album last year, they’ve been doing tours almost every year,” said Amber Hopper, 27, who’s been on-site since 3 AM. “People haven’t heard so much because they haven’t been on the radio, because of the fact that they left the major record label. But they’ve never stopped making music. They haven’t taken any breaks, they’ve still been going.”

Amber is not alone in her adoration for the band. Other fans added that they love Hanson because of their authenticity and talent playing their own music.

“I like that they play their own instruments … It’s something different. It’s not like the same stuff that you hear on the radio that’s overly synthesized,” said Kenna Plangemann, also 27, who has liked the group since day one.

Courtney Powers said she likes how the band has evolved over the years and changed their singing styles. “They’re not all ‘Mmmbop’ anymore; sometimes they’ll sing it in an acoustic version, which is super cool,” she added. “I think that they’ve just matured. I feel like it’s someone I’ve grown up with.”

Whether it’s their dashing good looks, locks of golden hair or their sultry new pop-rock sound, one thing is for sure, as long as Hanson is still putting out music, their fans are still holding on to that teenage dream.

(Oh, and the guys are a good time too. They didn’t hesitate to give their thoughts on a potential zombie apocalypse when talking to our buddies at VH1. Video below.)

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