HNet Newsletter October 14, 2011

By | October 15, 2011

The Musical Ride Tour Contest

Congratulations to all our winners thus far! Thank you for sharing the tour info and spreading the word!

New York City – Holly Snider

You can win, too! Click HERE for details.

Shout It Out World Tour Contest



During The Musical Ride Tour, HANSON will be doing five different FREE fan club members only events where they will be telling “The Story” of an album.

Each event will be held as a part of a concert (ticket required). At each event, members will enter the venue early for The Story and, after The Story is over, doors will be open to the public.

In the simplest terms, it is The Story of a HANSON album. At each story event, HANSON will sit down and tell the story of the making of one of their albums. They will talk about writing songs, recording, and anything else that comes to mind.

The remaining locations for the Story on the Musical Ride Tour are:

  • Oct 18th, New York, NY- signup deadline Oct 16th, 12 noon
  • Oct 29th, Ft Lauderdale, FL – signup deadline Oct 27th, 12 noon

To attend the Story, you must be a Fan Club member. Click HERE to join. For more details and to RSVP, CLICK HERE. 

From The Band…

The Musical Ride Tour has been a great one, but the last week has been a bit of a strange one in HANSON touring history. This is the week we had to postpone four shows in a row, because of getting sick on the road.

Next year we will have been a band for 20 years, and we have never cancelled shows except for life threatening diseases and acts of God (hurricanes to be specific). Clearly we never call off a show without serious reasons..and this week I guess the cold season stepped it up, with not only a stuffy nose but an extra strong strain of, “no you can’t sing while you have this”.

It is a bit strange to be in the middle of a tour and have to take a break from the grind, but I (Taylor, who seems to have it the worst this round) specifically am laying low to make sure we don’t have any more issues this fall.

Of course we really appreciate all the well wishes and great response from fans who have had to miss out on shows in Pittsburgh, Albany and Dallas (in addition to the half show in Portland) and we are making plans now to announce dates for those shows to be made up at 150%.

The good news about this tour, is that it’s been amazing so far (besides this short detour), with amazing crowds and excitement each night for us musically as we change things up to featuring different albums. In addition, we are really getting pumped for the international Shout it Out World Tour dates coming up soon.

For this weekend, we hope many of you will have the chance to re-charge, like we are trying to do in preparation for a great completion of the rest of the year of touring. In the mean time, maybe you can send us a few of your favorite tried and true cold and flu season remedies from your grandma’s medicine cabinet.

Have a great weekend, and see you back on the road and on the net.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac