My First Hanson Concert: SXSW

By | October 14, 2011

Name: Sierra

Tour: South By Southwest

Date: March 19, 2011

City/State: Austin, TX

I went with: My cousin Marnae whom has loved Hanson since she was a teen in ’97, her friend Ashley and my other 15 year old cousin Mia (Marnae’s sister)

I expected the show to: Be very good! This was actually my second Hanson show, but my first was at Bamboozle Roadshow and I didn’t care for them much at all at that time, so the story for that isn’t as interesting.

We waited in line for: Close to 2 hours. A lot of people in line were confused, because they thought they were waiting for a different show, I don’t remember who.  There were these people that asked us who the show was, and we told them, and this guys wife was like “WHAT? WAIT..” and Ashley was like “*sigh* yes..MMMBop Hanson..” and the lady was very put off by them, but the husband was open to listen to their new stuff, so he listed to Carry You There and was like “Wow, they’re actually very good!” and then this guy was asking people who they came to the show for, because he was in disbelief that anyone was actually there for Hanson.  So he came up to us and asked who, everyone around us (including us) said Hanson, and he just walked away all confused. Haha.

My favorite song they did was: Carry You There

A funny thing that happened during the show was: during Give a Little Tay stopped and talked a little bit, and he goes “I don’t know if men are pigs, but we’re definitely dogs.” and then Isaac goes, “HOT dogs.”

After the show we: were SO tired. It started at midnight (actually a tad bit later than that), so by the time it was over it was about 2:30AM. But my cousin Marnae had been to the venue before, and she knew that on the side of the venue there was a door that the guys would probably leave out of. So we went, and they were all RIGHT by the door, taking pictures with people. Mind you, they were inside the building and we weren’t, so everyone was just staring and freaking out.  Eventually they came out with their wives. They all said hi, and how they were sorry but they didn’t have time to take any pictures. They walked to their car and signed a few things along the way, but that was about it! My cousin Mia and I had never met them before, so she freaked out because Zac made eye contact with her, toched her arm and said “Hi!”  I just stare there in awe because they were all just flawless regardless of the fact that they had just played a good 2 hour show.  My cousin Marnae had had a couple jack and cokes at the show, and had some other alcoholic beverage before the show started, so she was pretty drunk.  When their wives walked by she was like “They’re so beautiful!” and then on the way home she talked about how she hated Hanson and how they don’t care about their fans and she’s “never going to see them again!” But of course took all that back the next morning.

The show did/did not meet my expectations because:  It DEFINITELY did meet my expectations. It actually exceeded them! That was the show that made me really realize how much they mean to me, and how wonderful of musicians they are.

Anything else you would like to include: While we were walking down to 6th to our car, all the crazy people were out. Two guys tried to literally grab me, one guy said he liked my glasses (which were normal prescription glasses, mind you) and some other guy asked if he could ask me a question, and when I said no he goes. “I’m not homeless!” I didn’t say anything and kept walking, so he proceeded to yell at the top of his lungs, “I’M NOT HOMELESS!!!” And I apologize for this being SO long, but this night / that whole week was just amazing. I had the time of my life and I can’t wait to see them in the same venue in Austin this Sept!

(Editors note: This review was submitted in August but was added to the end of the schedule queue for my first Hanson concert so Sierra should have already seen them again on the Musical Ride tour at this time!)