Concert Review: Hanson at House of Blues

By | October 6, 2011


It’s been 14 years since Hanson invaded our ears with their infectious hit “MMMBop.” But to the nearly sold-out audience at House of Blues last night, it seemed like it was just yesterday.

The three Oklahoma brothers brought their Musical Ride Tour to town for a night filled with sing-alongs, jumping, and dancing. They played songs from almost all of their albums, including a handful from their latest, last year’s Shout It Out.

But this tour is all about spotlighting one of the eight albums from their 16-year career and performing a huge chunk of songs that are rarely brought out onstage. Last night it was 2004’sUnderneath.

While some of the album’s lesser-known tracks lost some of the crowd near the middle of the band’s two-hour set, Hanson picked things up near the end of their set, when they unloaded all of the hits and fan favorites, including, you guessed it, “MMMBop.”

The audience was made up of a weird mix of college kids, couples, and housewives screaming along to the songs, which made 2011 feel like 1997 all over again.

But the three long-haired teens aren’t rookies anymore, and they played like old pros last night, showing off all the musical chops they’ve picked up over the years. —Max Hayden