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Hanson’s On the Fence About Making Another ‘Full’ Album

Billboard Zac Hanson says there will “definitely be a next album” from him and his brothers, though “not ’til the middle of next year.” But in a moment he clarifies that comment. “To be honest, we’re not sure whether we want to make a full record again or not,” the drumming third of Hanson tells Billboard.com. He explains,… Read More »

Interview: Taylor Hanson

Best of New Orleans Like many women my age, I once loved the band Hanson in the kind of devastating way only teenage girls are capable of feeling for complete strangers. After I heard their insanely catchy single “MMMBop” and saw a picture of the boys — who all had sandy, tousled locks and were close to my age… Read More »

Hanson Fans Camp Out for Austin Concert

My Fox Austin Hanson Fans Camp Out for Austin Concert: MyFoxAUSTIN.com Believe it or not, it’s been nearly 15 year’s since the band, Hanson, released the single, “MMMBop.” The three brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac are still together and still performing. “We for a long time have put a lot of emphasis on making the shows as interesting… Read More »

Setlist: Austin, TX 9/22/11

Winning Album: Underneath Musical Ride Waiting For This Thinking Bout Somethin Been There Before Wheres The Love Strong Enough To Break Dancing In The Wind Crazy Beautiful Get Up And GO Misery Underneath When Youre Gone Carry You There Penny and Me Deeper Hey Lost Without Each Other This Time Around Give a Little MMMBop If Only /… Read More »