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All grown up, Hanson returns to town

Press & Guide Zac Hanson remembers well the kind of questions he and two brothers were being asked during 1996, when their national debut album, “Middle of Nowhere,” was going four-times platinum and the single “MMMBop” was at the top of the charts. “We’d do interviews and they’d go, ‘OK, what jobs do you want to have when… Read More »

Hanson to play by audience requests

The Daily Texan The former heartthrob brothers of Hanson have matured and endured through the past 15 years, having released eight full-length albums and maintained a steady, fiercely loyal fanbase. The Daily Texan spoke with member Taylor Hanson about their new album Shout It Out and their new unconventional touring style. Hanson: Hey, how it’s going? The Daily Texan:… Read More »