Famous trio launches tour in Regina

By | September 6, 2011

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Zac, Taylor and Issac of The band Hanson being interviewed before their concert on Saturday. Hanson launched there ‘Musical Ride Tour’ in Regina on Saturday.


Hanson fans in Regina have waited 15 years to see the pop trio in concert. On Saturday night the band of brothers played their first concert ever in the Queen City at the Regina Casino Show Lounge.

The three brothers, Issac, Taylor and Zac, emerged onto the pop scene in the ‘90s with the song MMMbop featured on the album Middle of Nowhere which sold over 10 million copies.

The band is launching their latest 41-stop tour, the Musical Ride Tour in Regina.

Taylor Hanson: This is a kick off of kind of a unique tour. It is our first time playing here which we are excited about, but this tour fans were able to go on the site and vote for what album we are going to feature for each show.

That is an interesting concept that hasn’t really been done before. Why did you decide to do it that way?

Zac Hanson: We love the involvement from fans. We like people feeling invested in the shows and it continues to add a challenge for us every night to really go out and play those songs, cause even if you are familiar with 80 percent of every record that you’ve put out there are still those songs every night you really have got to push yourself to be ready to play and really put on a great performance. It’s just a fun challenge.

Issac Hanson: It is a challenge for us. There is no questions after the Musical Ride Tour is done and after we are done including all 5 records, I think we will be the most practiced we’ve been… ever.

You’re on a lot of fans iPods, but who is on your iPod? Who inspires you?

Taylor: (laughs) That is kind of creepy that we are on a lot of peoples iPods, it’s like we are in your purse somewhere.

Zac: We said from the start we were inspired by 50s and 60s rock and roll, Motown records so I think for all of us a little Aretha, Chuck Berry a little Otis Redding or maybe a lot of those

Issac: A lot of Billie Joel, I think I have every single record that he has released on my iPod

There have been many acts before yours and after that have been family based but haven’t been able to have as much longevity .Why do you think you guys have been able to defy the odds of a family band?

Taylor: I think for us the thing that has made it work is that the family part is a given but it’s not the ‘thing’ that makes the band work. It’s sort of like ‘of course we are brothers’, we have so many commonalities and so many things we share but ultimately the band is fueled by the band, the band is fueled by the music. We’re not a band because we are brothers – we are band of brothers.

Issac: I think the other thing too is that we grew up in an environment in which our folks were often reminding us that fighting it out was ok and that’s the way it works but just because you are fighting about it doesn’t means it’s the end of it. I think that there are a lot of people who misconstrue that with us that there is no tension, because the truth is there is tons of tension from day in and day out. The reality is that the band is the thing that keeps us liking working together more than anything else because when you get up on stage all of a sudden that anger you might have had before at each other is gone when you look around on the stage and think this a good place to be.

What’s in the future for Hanson?:

Taylor: You know we are kind of at an interesting point, cause we have now run the label since 2003 we have had 5 studio records so we are kind of looking at next year at other creative things. Maybe we may do less than one big album; we may do several different projects. But the thing about , one of the things we have done this year is a lot more international touring and I think developing and keeping that fuel then alive is a big part of what we are trying to do, so keep making music actively.

Fans of Hanson left the concert with their teenage dreams fulfilled. The final song of their encore was a gospel-esque tune entitled “With You in Your Dreams”. Hanson left the stage with the promise of a Canadian tour beginning in January, so Hanson fans won’t have to wait as long to see their favorite brothers in concert again.