Hanson Gets Sweet With Weezer’s ‘Troublemaker’

By | September 5, 2011




Your eyes and ears don’t deceive you. That’s Hanson putting its poppy harmonic glow on Weezer’s rocking 2006 hit “Troublemaker” in this week’s installment of Mashup Mondays.


Photos: Hanson’s Mashup Behind-The-Scenes


Hanson at Billboard

Yes, that Hanson covering that Weezer. The Hot 100 No. 1 boys (and brothers) of “MMMbop” are now the men of “Shout It Out,” which reach No. 2 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums chart last year. And they came to the Billboard studio to fire up a sweet and simple version of Weezer’s No. 2 Alternative Songs chart hit.


“Weezer’s an amazing band… What I’ve always admired is the fact that they really have an identifiable thing going, which is sort-of-pop songs — but heavy,” singer Taylor Hanson says of why they went with Weezer for their Mashup Mondays performance. “‘Troublemaker’ is such a cool attitude-ridden track.”


“Making it a Hanson song was mainly about the rhythm, having a groove” eldest brother, guitarist Issac explains.


Youngest brother, drum Zac Hanson, adds that the key to the cover was to “not try to be Weezer, and have our own swagger about it.”


Not that they have to try hard. Not many bands can say they’ve been in a Katy Perry video (Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)) and on a world tour at the same time. Hanson’s run of the U.S. goes through Nov. 1, and then jumps over to South America on Nov. 4 before jumping over to Europe with dates through Jan. 2011.