Homes gossip: Mila Kunis, Taylor Hanson, Retief Goosen

By | September 1, 2011

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How Hanson get homesick

With American band Hanson back on the music scene and set to embark on a world tour, I caught up with lead singer Taylor to find out how he’s finding life on the road.

“A three-month departure from home is about to happen and it can be tough to be away for so long,” he tells me. “We live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My five-bedroom, five-bathroom house is pretty rural, with lots of nature and serenity surrounding it. It is very intimate with the local wildlife.” He’ll especially miss his piano room: “It has total privacy, which is great for focus and inspiration.”

As close as Taylor is to his two bandmates, who are also his brothers, he no longer shares a house with them. “We save that kind of togetherness for a tour bus,” he says. “Our wives would probably not dig us all living together.”