Wednesday Video Spotlight: Hanson talks growing with their fans, family-band relations, favorite movies and more

By | August 24, 2011

News OK

Hanson performed at England’s V Festival 2011 over the weekend, and the Tulsa sibling trio sat down backstage for a few interviews.

Isaac, Zac and Taylor chatted with various reporters about their favorite movies and musicians, memorable onstage and wardrobe mishaps, their bouncy 2010 album “Shout It Out” (which made my top 10 of ’10) and the way many of their fans have grown up with them since their “MMMBop” days.

Perhaps it was the recent news that British singer Liam Gallagher of Oasis is suing his estranged brother and former bandmate, Noel, but many of the reporters quizzed the Hansons about how they get along as a band of brothers and if they’ve ever had any epic family meltdowns. From the sounds of these interviews, it seems that the affable Oklahoma brothers still have strong family ties after nearly two decades of making music together.

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