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HANSON will return to the UK to play live music for the third time this year when they perform at V Festival this month.

Gracing Weston Park August 20 and Hylands Park August 21, Hanson join the likes of Ellie Goulding, Mark Ronson and the Business International plus Eminem and Rihanna in one half of an exciting V Festival lineup.

To top it off Isaac, Taylor and Zac have just announced a fourth visit to Britain in 2011 when they reach the European leg of their Musical Ride tour in November.  The frequent visits – which have included their secret gig at London’s 100 Club in February and their 5of5 shows in June – are undoubtedly a welcome surprised to fans, who prior to then had not seen the band touch down on these shores since 2007.

ZAC HANSON: The band play V Festival on August 20 and 21

But the boys aged 25-30 are working on splitting their time between countries more evenly.

Taylor joked: “It’s just so hard…cloning. We’re working on cloning ourselves, then we can just do a blitz. Hanson South America, Hanson Europe and UK, Hanson Asia… Or maybe we could just work on cover bands in different areas?”

Zac added: “The shrinking music industry helps and hurts the ability to be around the world. The way digital technology has affected the world of music, it allows you to post anything and stream live at any moment in time but it also means that what’s happened with radio, television and record labels in each market has for the most part become more regionalised.

“So as an international band with an international fanbase, it’s harder to find partnerships because in a place like Germany where five or 10 years ago, depending on where you jump in, they’re playing 30 or 40 per cent international music, and now they’re playing 20 or 15 percent.

“So the labels and the way music is released is the same way. They’re battling the globalisation that has happened through technology. So as a band it becomes harder and harder because you have to galvanise these fans, even when you run your own record label. It’s like a blessing and a curse to have fans all over the world.”

So don’t take it personally people of Britain, Hanson love us as much as we love them.

Influenced by mid-60s Brummie band Spencer Davis Group, the musicians explain why Britain will always have a special place in their hearts.

Isaac revealed: “It’s the Winwood connection for us, he was so young and was doing these amazing records. Kind of like Michael Jackson, on the other side of the pond you’ve got people like Winwood who’s 16-years-old and blazing, singing these amazing soulful songs, we’re like ‘we could do that’!”
Zac: Travis is a band I love.
Taylor: I was going to say Joe Cocker. As far as current world we’re going old school. They’ve lasted long enough to still be known so…

TAYLOR HANSON: The band are to complete four UK visits before 2011 is out

Isaac: I think Hugh Laurie is awesome. You just want to loathe that guy in House because he is not a friendly person but somehow or another he is profoundly charming.
Zac: The thing I like most about him though is that he’s done everything. He’s an actor, musician, comedian, he has an amazing ability to do a lot of different things.
Taylor: Colin Firth, love him. King’s Speech was an amazing movie but I’ve been a fan of his for a long time. Every movie he’s in is just good.

ISAAC HANSON: The trio will take their Magic Ride Tour to Britain in November

Isaac: Well Geoffrey Rush was particularly good in that movie I thought. He has lost me a couple of times and got me back a couple of times.

Isaac: It may not necessarily count as British food but I think we all agree on this one…curry.
Taylor: It’s been adopted as British food as it’s been made Westernised. If you go to India it’s not going to taste like a curry from London. I would probably say a cottage pie, when it’s good it’s so good.
Zac: That’s why I named my son Shepherd, because I was always thinking about Shephard’s pie! While we’re talking about food, I’ve got to bring up this … you guys have got to figure out the ice issue. This is a problem. Ice is not because it’s hot. Ice is a luxury. The sooner you figure that out the better.
Taylor: Zac has an ice machine in his house.
Zac: I would let my wife buy me an industrial one. A nice ice maker costs four or five thousand dollars.
But do you have one now?
Zac: I’m not going to say no…

Zac: Stone Henge, you’ve got to go old school. Because when I think of that I think ofSpinal Tap and then I think this is the greatest thing ever.
Taylor: There’s all the clichés but I’ve done some shopping here, in I forget the area but there’s some cool antique shopping. But the first time we came I really enjoyed seeing Tower Bridge and going to see Tower Of London. These are all places with incredible feeling.
Ike: I forgot how old the Houses of Parliament are, they’re going to be 500 years old next year.
Zac: You can tell he’s just been on the tour.
Ike: They look really good for 500, I mean they have had some work done or they have good genes.
Taylor: I really want to go to the museum where they have the bunkers, where I guess where Churchill would hide out during the war. They’re supposed to be really cool.