Fan of the Month August – Allison

By | August 4, 2011

Allison Bernecker
Northampton, PA

My very first memory of Hanson would probably have to be the Mmmbop video!
I have seen Hanson in concert 25 times, and I have to admit, the last concert I was at on 11/19/10 was BY FAR the best yet. I met and got a picture with my fav bro Ike & also got a guitar pick! (after NEVER once having a m&g, it was just a dream come true for me) But my MOST fav memory was when I saw them 10/12/08 in State College, PA and asked Ike to sing Deeper while on The Walk and then during the concert, he said “a girl came up to me and said I heard you sang this a couple shows ago and its my fav song and I’d love if you would sing it” and HE SANG IT! I almost died!! (its even on you tube!)
My favorite Hanson song, this is a VERY tough question but I absolutely love the song Deeper. I love Ike’s voice on this track and I love the lyrics and its a song that can be played over and over and you will NEVER get sick of.
I like Hanson because they are different from any other band out there. I had to write a paper defending a topic for my Grad English class and I chose Hanson and I opened a lot of people’s eyes (and ears) about them. I also love how they are so respectful and love their fans. It’s obvious that all they do is for their fans and not the $$ because without the fans, there would not be any publicity. The “fansons” are the ones behind the album, tour and song promotion and it shows just how grateful they are during every single walk and every single show they play. Also, I love all the charity work they do with TOMS shoes and the other causes that you are able to donate to over in South Africa during the Walks. I also love how they are dedicated and they write their songs from the heart and don’t rely on anyone else to do the work for them. I also respect the fact that they are so family oriented, so cute!
I have been a Hanson fan since the very beginning!


I think I deserve to be “Hanson Fan of the Month” because for the past 13+ years, I’ve dedicated so much of my time to spread the word about Hanson and to show that “Mmmbop” isn’t their ONLY song. I’ve spent many hours calling radio stations requesting their music, traveling around the country, sleeping in tents on unfamiliar (and creepy streets) just to have the opportunity to sing along to every song until I don’t have a voice the next day. Their music has gotten me through a lot of rough times and has opened my eyes to new opportunities and has also brought me together with some of my BEST friends that I would have never met and I have Hanson to thank. Hanson has changed my life more than they will EVER know and I have them to thank for the wonderful music that has given me the courage to get through the tough times, the amazing new friends I’ve met along the way and the memories that might not amount to much, but I’m so glad I got ‘em!!