Pretty in Pink: Hanson Goes to the Pink Pop Festival in Holland

By | July 14, 2011


No matter how far and wide you travel, a few things remain the same about music festivals on all sides of the globe: There are always shirtless hipsters, fried confections of every type, the wafting smell of pot mixed with body odor and…six-feet-tall women wearing pink hats?  Well, maybe all festivals aren’t all the same, but the Pink Pop Festival was charming nonetheless.

A few weeks back after finishing up our installment in London, we made our way up to the Netherlands for Pink Pop, which has been running for more than 40 years and brings together hundreds of thousands of people. The event was one of the best-run festivals we had ever seen (I guess they’ve had a few years to sort it out) and we were among a great mix of bands from Kings of Leon to Wolfmother. During the day we got to catch up with the Wolfmother guys as well as Justin Nozuka and traded geek-talk about gear and traveling abroad. We also partook in the large amounts of pineapple, ketchup and Swiss cheese sandwiches backstage. Can’t say they fell into my favorite foods of the trip.

The show itself was amazing, with thousands of fans gathering for the set and singing along to just about every tune. We were pleasantly surprised to get such a great reception because it’s been a few years since we’ve played in Holland. We’ll just hope that’s a good sign for the coming dates set to be announced soon for our Europe tour, which will bring us back to Holland for the next round.

I had a great time putting on my shades and hat (not a pink one, unfortunately) and sneaking around the festival with my camera to build the picture of this pop-rock festival. Don’t ask me to explain things like the “We Eat Africa” stand, the colorful VW shuttle bus or Zac dressed in a hair-metal blonde wig, but like many of the best things in life, making sense of it all doesn’t necessarily make it better.

Enjoy –Taylor