Daily Archives: July 14, 2011

Hanson announce new tour dates

HeatWorld   SCREAM! Guess who’s doing some new shows? It’s only everyone’s favourite teeny-boppers (well, they’re kind of grown up now) from days of yore, Hanson – and they’re even hitting some proper rock festivals too. The US trio are hitting our fair isle again, following five sell-out shows here in June and the guys are going to… Read More »

Pretty in Pink: Hanson Goes to the Pink Pop Festival in Holland

PaperMag No matter how far and wide you travel, a few things remain the same about music festivals on all sides of the globe: There are always shirtless hipsters, fried confections of every type, the wafting smell of pot mixed with body odor and…six-feet-tall women wearing pink hats?  Well, maybe all festivals aren’t all the same, but the Pink Pop… Read More »