Hanson to play V Festival

By | June 13, 2011

Hanson is scheduled to perform at V Festival in August 2011.

August 20 – Weston Park – Stafford

August 21 – Hylands Park – Chelmsford

Performance times are still TBD but more information about the festival can be found at http://www.vfestival.com/

4 thoughts on “Hanson to play V Festival

  1. Clarissa Santinelli Montroni

    Oh My Heavens Katie!!!!!!! Is this really true?!!!!!!! It’s says the tickets are sold out already?!!

    1. Katie

      Unfortunately I don’t know the details about tickets and if there will be other ways to get them, sorry! But the performance is for real – it is on Hanson.net in the tour/events section 🙂

  2. Clarissa Santinelli Montroni

    Thanks for replying Katie! Hope all is well! Unfortunately I’ll have to skip this one and save as much as I can as they will be returning to Europe this fall! I saw this rumor on Hanson.net forum but the dates and the confirmation weren’t given yet. Did you hear anything about it?! Thanks for follow me on twitter!! =) Much appreciate!

    Hey Katie I am supporting my friend’s band the Mars Patrol whom toured with Hanson in 2007 on The Walk tour. I am trying to help them to bring them back to tour with Hanson again this upcoming tour. I never did this kind of publicity before and I believe mouth to mouth spread the word could be a good way. I am asking for many Hanson fans as possible to help me by posting on Hanson official webpage and twitter. Would you be willing to help me?! Many Thanks Clarissa

    1. Katie

      I did hear that the USA and UK / Europe would be getting a tour in the fall. Dates should hopefully be out by the end of the month… but really who knows with Hanson time 🙂

      I can definitely try and help you get the word out about Mars Patrol – email me details and I can make a post on the blog 🙂 blog@hansonstage.com


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