My First Hanson Concert: The Underneath Tour

By | June 10, 2011

Name: Kerry M
Which Tour?: Underneath Tour
Date: Aug 2004
City/State: Portland ME

I Went With: My best friend Jessica

I expected the show to…: be AMAZING.. and it was

We waited in line for this long…: We waited in line ALL day. From
about 7am i think. I am not from Maine, I am from Mass and it was
like a 3 hour drive

My favorite song they did was: Penny & Me

A funny thing that happened during the show was…: Funny thing is, my Mom had to drive me because I was only 16 years old, she had gotten a hotel for the night of the show because we lived 3 hours away in Mass. My mom dropped me and my friend off at the venue and drove to the hotel, in the parking lot she recognized Hanson’s tour bus, Hanson had stayed there the night before (this was totally a coincidence). My mom called me to tell me Hanson was staying there and that they were going to be leaving shortly, funny thing is I never even thought to get OUT OF LINE and go to the hotel which was only a few blocked away to meet them myself. Well needless to say, my Mom met Taylor and Zac Hanson that day and got some awesome pictures, but I really wish I had gotten out of line to meet them myself! I have since been to a few concerts and had brief interaction with Taylor, but I hope one day I can really meet them!!!

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