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By | May 11, 2011

SIO UK Release

Shout it Out will be available digitally on June 5th and the special edition UK album in stores June 6th.

HANSON Day 2011

Preliminary Schedule for Attendees

10am CT – Members may begin lining up for session #1
11am CT – Begin check in for session #1 attendees [Those who are eligible to receive their kits will sign for them and receive them at the same time]
1pm CT – doors open [time subject to change]
1:30pm CT – acoustic concert
3:30pm CT – TTW walk beginning at Cain’s. Walk is hosted by fan club members Amanda and Marissa.
5pm CT – Members may begin lining up for session #2
6pm CT – begin check in for session #2 attendees [Those who are to receive their kits will sign for them and receive them at the same time]
7:30pm CT – doors open [time subject to change]
8pm CT – acoustic concert

At the end of each show, we will take group photos. The photos will be available on a few days after the event.

Check In Process

The check in process will be fast and easy. Once you are checked in, you can return to the line or take in some of the sites in downtown Tulsa.

  • There will set up a table at the front of the venue for checking in.
  • Members will come to the table at any time once we are set up.
  • Members will present a photo ID that matches the name on their account and have their hands stamped for entry into their session. Please remember, your ID MUST match the name on your account! A driver’s license or passport will work best. If your name no longer matches your account, please contact so it may be updated. [please note all name changes submitted through May 9th have been completed]
  • At the same time, if a member is to receive a membership kit, he/she will sign for the kit and receive it. New members will also receive their new membership cards.

Receiving Your 2011 Membership Kit

In order to receive your 2011 membership kit, you must have joined or renewed in 2011. If you have not yet renewed in 2011 and wish to receive your kit on May 14th at the MOE, you will need to renew no later than May 7, 2011. If you aren’t sure if you need to renew or not, go to your account info and check the expiration date. Your membership expiration date must be in 2012!

We will have many merchandise items available for purchase at the MOE. There will be new items created specifically for the MOE. There will also be numerous NEW items, some available to MOE attendees before anyone else! Cash or Credit Card will be accepted. Merchandise will be available before and after each show, but not during the show itself.

The venue for the 2011 Tulsa MOE will be Cain’s Ballroom located at 423 North Main Street, Tulsa, OK 7410. The venue has a mix of seating and general admission.

Special Needs
Those members that we determine have special needs will be allowed into the venue first. Please note, this does not mean someone will automatically get front row. If you have a special need, please email before May 7th. Include your full name and username, please.

Take The Walk
While the band will not be hosting a walk, they have permitted 2 fan club members to host a walk. The walk will begin at Cain’s at 3:30pm, May 14th. This will place it between the two shows so many of you will be able to attend. We encourage you to participate if you can!

Electronics All electronics will have to be turned OFF during the show. This includes all cell phones and cameras.

While we have yet to confirm whether we will live stream either of the shows we are planning to film and record at each session, so please keep that in mind while attending.

We look forward to seeing you all in Tulsa!

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