Dancing With The Stars News Roundup

By | April 26, 2011

Hanson has been mentioned in several articles today, so rather than clog up the page posting them all separately I decided to post them all in one post…

TV Squad

This week’s house band on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ (Mon., 8PM ET on ABC) had the network reaching into the way-back machine to 1997. There they found the brothers Hanson, and the pop trio treated ‘Dancing’ fans with their biggest hit, ‘MMMBop.’

While the boys were but tweens and teens when the song took them to number one, they’re now aged 25-30. Nevertheless, they looked and sounded as youthful as we remember while clearly having fun playing with the ‘DWTS’ dancers performing in front of them.

On a night of “Guilty Pleasures” we could all take a moment and remember the t-shirts we had, and the well-worn cassingle we listened to so much the lettering on the outside had faded as fast as a … well, an mmmbop.

What did you think of Hanson’s signature performance?

The Hollywood Gossip

Monday was “guilty pleasure night” on Dancing With the Stars, an event that kicked off with Hanson rocking out to its famous ’90s hit “Mmmbop.”

That pretty much set the tone for the night.


Pull the shades! Monday was Guilty Pleasure night on Planet Mirrorballus. “The guiltiest pleasure of all is ballroom dancing,” said Tom Bergeron, breaking the third wall and speaking to Dancing With the Stars viewers directly about our reality TV addiction. Silly Tom. That guy just always wants to talk to me.
One of the greatest GPs of all time? That band of brothers Hanson, who had the huge hit “MMMBop” in 1996. All of their hair is darker now, and their voices are lower and all mature. Why aren’t they still 13 years old? This is totally unfair. When I realized it was Hanson that was producing the vague sound of Lionel Richie’s “Hello,” I honestly nearly died. It was the combination of pure glee-horror and the ensuing knowledge that these boyz who became men would be doing this again and again throughout the show that nearly did me in. Murder on the Dance Floor! (Seriously, watch that after you’re done here. I declare it required viewing for DWTS fans.)
I loved how Tom kept calling Hanson’s snippets “a touch of [whatever the song really was].” The whole thing was so ridiculous that it completely worked for Guilty Pleasures night. There was no disco-ball mold of Lionel Richie’s head, but there were enormous bubbles.

Ace Showbiz

It’s a guilty pleasure week on “Dancing with the Stars” with the contestants dancing to pop-culture songs. Before that, Hanson brought a nostalgic atmosphere to the April 25 show as they performed “MMMBop” live while Tony Dovolani and Lacey Schwimmer danced to the 1997 hit.

Star Pulse

Right off the bat we got a performance of “MmmBop” from Hanson, our musical guest for the episode. Yes, Hanson. 1997’s Hanson. Yikes. But I say ‘yikes’ in an oddly affectionate way, even if I was well beyond teenybopper age when they hit. Speaking of which, when did those boys grow up?!

Moving on to the dancing…

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