Song vs Song Round 2C Results

By | April 5, 2011

Round 2C has ended! We have had our first tie of the competition! Get Up and Go and I Am will both be advancing to Round 3B to be voted against Me Myself and I. Whichever song has the most votes of the 3 will move on to the next round.

We had 25 voters this week. Still just short of our goal of 30. It is important that you make sure to vote for a song from each pair. We have not made it mandatory but it will help with our results if you do!

Lost Without Each Other (15) vs Strong Enough To Break (9)
In The City (8) vs I Will Come To You (15)
In A Way (8) Believe (15)
Weird (18) vs Kiss Me When You Come Home (7)
Get Up And Go (12) vs I Am (12)
Glimmering Girl (4) vs Me Myself and I (20)
Take Our Chances (13) vs Christmas Time (11)
Make It Through The day (5) vs Every Word I Say (19)
Rock N Roll Razorblade (21) vs Every Day (3)
Madeline (16) vs Dying To Be Alive (9)

Our winners will be advancing to Round 3B along with the winners of round 2D which is now up for voting. An updated bracket will be posted later on.

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