Updates to the Site

By | March 22, 2011

We are working on a few changes/additions to the site.

Due to the overwhelming response with “Tay a Day” beginning in April we will be introducing the Hanson Photo of the Week.  Once a week we will post a photo of Hanson, Isaac, Taylor or Zac.  If you have any photos you have taken or that are just some of your favorite photos of the guys – please send them to us at blog@hansonstage.com.  No photos will be accepted via twitter at this time.  Feel free to send as few or as many as you would like!

The list of ticket stubs/set lists that we need to help complete the site is no longer “stickied” as the first post on the page it is now in the tabs up above as “Help” Over the next few days we will be reviewing it to make sure that it is up to date.

Song vs Song voting is also going to be listed in the tabs on the top of the page.  It will continue to be originally posted as a blog post around midnight Tuesday mornings and sometime after will be updated in the tabs.


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