The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

By | February 21, 2011

(Head to the source for the good and the ugly)

The Bad: The Justin Bieber Experience on Glee

Glee used the songs of Justin Bieber for two simple reasons: to give Sam something to do and to make big bucks by covering multiple songs from the Bieb. The result was a hollow episode with absolutely no substance, just sugary, auto-tuned bubblegum pop. Just because a singer is popular doesn’t Glee has to cover his songs. Thank God the show didn’t exist in the ’90s or we’d have had an all-Hanson episode, and there’s no way to make “MMMBop” integral to a story.

hansonstage note: We are pretty sure, given the lyrics to MMMBop that there is someway that it could be included in a story line. As could multiple other songs from Middle of Nowhere!

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