Friday Afternoon Diversion – 10 most awesomely unimportant grammy performances ever

By | February 11, 2011


Listen, the Grammys are pointless. Hell, they’re less than pointless. When it comes to even the 35,000 foot view of popular culture Pitchfork is more relevant than the Grammys. How could an awards show steeped in the perspective of a business that still views the ’60s and ’70s as its boom years? Don’t worry though, the Grammys have always been out of touch, as proven by this nifty little video curated by Maura Johnston.

NOTE: We STRENUOUSLY disagree with the inclusion of Hanson. “MMMBop” is one of the CLASSICS of the last century. And we’re reasonably sure Maura is pulling our leg with the Bonnie Tyler bit, since everyone knows that’s also a classic.

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