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By | January 25, 2011

Taylor and Isaac are in Cannes, France at MIDEM (Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale) A lot of posts have been made on twitter about the guys, so we’re trying to do a roundup of sorts. Leave a comment if there is anything we might have missed!

@Midem Taylor and Isaac Hanson, 2 of eponymous pop trio, at #MIDEM 2 secure intl distrib 4 new LP. Itv soon! @hansonmusic

ag1780 posted the following video of Taylor on YouTube

I’m french and I follow the midem this week on twitter 🙂 I can give some news of Hanson on MIDEM (international market of disk and of music publishing to Cannes in France) via tweets on twitter:

@midem @hansonmusic Great to have you here! Stop by #MIDEM Newsroom (level 01) if you have time for photo and/or interview

W Taylor/Isaac Hanson & Yoni @Midem on Twitpic“>
Steve Greenburg posted this photo of himself with Yoni, Taylor and Isaac

@steoreilly @hansonmusic great to meet you today at #MIDEM . You were excellent on the panel

@SharonMatheson Oh my god!! Just spent 20mins wi Hanson and have meeting scheduled for tomorrow to discuss me doing their digital distribution ahhhhh

@LaraKBaker Had a lovely night out at #Midem chatting to the @hansonmusic guys & Rebecca from 3CG. Looking forward to them doing more in the UK in 2011.

@SharonMatheson Just had lovely night with Hanson. Lovely guys, very very clued up without even a hint of arrogance. Bands – take note… this is how to be!

@steoreilly Taylor from @Hansonmusic is a seriously smart guy . Probably the most interesting and intelligent speaker I have heard at #MIDEM 2011 http://yfrog.com/h5yxlihlj

Mmmm... bop! on Twitpic
@yonibloch posted a photo of himself with the guys

It seems as though they are working hard to find distributors to release Shout It Out overseas and are really making a great impression with everyone they are meeting! *fingers crossed* that it all works out well and a world tour is to follow in 2011!

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