Hanson Perform Showcase in NYC

By | January 23, 2011

While in New York City, Hanson performed a showcase. Apparently they played at/for several ad agencies. Based on tweets it seems they performed for MRM, Kaplan Thaler & McCann. They also gave out free pizza at at least one of the locations.

liztan posted the above photo on her flickr with the caption “Um. HANSON is at my office”

The above photo was found on twitter (Original poster unknown)

@KateHenry posted this photo – noting that they did play MMMBop

The Daily What included Hanson in their “So This Happened Of The Day”

So This Happened of the Day: Nick writes: “Hanson (yes, THAT Hanson) played a showcase at work today. I got them to sign a Justin Bieber poster and take a picture with me. Two words: Christmas Card.”

Sadly for Nick, he may not live to see Christmas considering he just divided by zero.

[thanks nick!]

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