Pre-Fame Voting has ended!

By | January 5, 2011

With 30 votes, the 5 prefame songs being added to Song vs Song have been selected and are as follows:

Stories (21 votes)
River (20 votes)
Two Tears (13 votes)
More Than Anything (11 votes)
Soldier (11 votes)

We say goodbye to the first casualties of the voting – Day Has Come, Surely As The Sun, Pictures, Sometimes, Boomerang, Lonely Boy, Don’t Accuse, Rain, Something New, Incredible & Baby You’re So Fine

The official song vs song voting will begin on January 18. Make sure you are registered for the forums at We just might be doing a giveaway of all the registered users at some point *hinthint* Be sure to also tell your friends to sign up so they can vote as well!

(Votes will be posted as the Tuesday Topic for the duration of the voting and will be posted for 7 days. There will be 10 pairs to vote for each week through the first 4 rounds)

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