This Week at HNET

By | December 21, 2010

HNET Christmas Orders is now on Holiday hours and your orders may not ship until January 3rd. Thank you for your continued patience.

* orders are sent via USPS and can be tracked using the tracking number from your shipment confirmation email at
* International orders may take anywhere from two weeks to two months to arrive depending on your local postal service.
* If you have received a shipment confirmation email your order has shipped and is on the way to you. In some cases orders are not scanned by USPS due to the holiday rush, if your order is not trackable do not worry as it is still on the way to you. This applied to both International and U.S. orders.

One thought on “This Week at HNET

  1. katie

    Hey just to add u get this same msg if u contact customerservice only instead of saying orders won’t be shipped it says that you may not get a response…I contacted them yesterday so I thought I would share.

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