Tuesday Topic Recap

By | December 13, 2010

Last week we asked – Which is your favorite 5 of 5 DVD? And by overwhelming response 55% of the voters said that they do not have the DVD set or have not watched them yet. Looks like this question might have to be asked again after Christmas to see how the results change!

Tied for 2nd with the votes at 15% was ‘I can’t choose a favorite’ and Middle of Nowhere. The Walk came in 4th with 10% of the vote, This Time Around in 5th with 5% of the vote and Shout it Out and Underneath tied for last place with no votes at all.

(Remember in January The Tuesday Topic is going to be held at the Hanson Stage forums (hansonstage.com/forums) and will be pitting Hanson song vs Hanson song against each other to decide the best Hanson song and best Hanson cover. Be sure to register at the forums so you can vote!)