Michael Jackson Wrote Song on New Album for… Hanson!

By | December 11, 2010

ShowBiz 411

Yes, it ’tis true.

Try and recall 1999. Hanson was the ruling pop group, sort of three Biebers, if you will.

Michael Jackson was writing songs slowly for the album that became “Invincible.”

Now I’m told by a source who knows such things that Jackson wrote a song for Hanson. He simply never gave it to them. And the demo went into a drawer.

“I Like The Way You Love Me” turns up for real, for the first time, on the “Michael” album coming out on Tuesday. A prior version had floated around among Jackson fans, but the new one was produced and remixed for the new album.

Michael, according to my source, had the idea for Hanson. He wrote the song but never got around to sending it to them, I am told. Maybe they can record it now.

Here’s the existing version, until the new one is released: