Song vs. Song is coming!

By | December 9, 2010 will be hosting one of the biggest Hanson votes EVER – to crown the “Best Hanson Song” and “Best Hanson Cover.” Every week – multiple songs will go head-to-head and you must vote on which one you think is the best from each pair. (Some decisions might be easy, others hard, but that’s all part of the fun) The voting structure will be done similar to a March Madness basketball bracket. There will be 2 brackets for original songs, at the end the winner from each bracket will go head-to-head for the title of “Best Hanson Song”, and there will be just one bracket to crown the winner of “Best Hanson Cover”

Any songs pre-Middle of Nowhere are not going to be posted for a vote. An executive decision was made that it would take too much time to vote through them and odds aren’t good any of them would have actually stood a chance to win. Album tracks, unreleased, B-Sides and all that good stuff will be fair game.

This “experiment” was previously done in from December 2004 to May 2005 in the livejournal community “hitzsongxsong”, and we have gotten permission from the fan who originally organized it to try it all again on hansonstage, since several EPs and CDs have been released since it came down to This Time Around vs Runaway Run, with Runaway Run ultimately being crowned the winner.

Does Runaway Run stand a chance put up against the more recent fan club EP songs? The Walk? Shout It Out? There is only one way to find out – and that is to VOTE!

(In order to vote you must be a registered user of the forums, as we will be using the forums poll options in order to choose the winning songs. Songs will go up to vote on every Tuesday instead of an official “Tuesday Topic” for the duration of the voting. Polls are not scientific and are being done for fun only.)

Coming in 2011! Exact dates TBD 🙂