5 of 5 Shipping Errors

By | December 2, 2010

If you are giving 5 of 5 as a Christmas gift – double check before wrapping it that the correct DVDs are present in the boxed set! There have been a couple of people on Hanson.net who said that instead of getting the 5 of 5 DVDs, they were sent 5 copies of the Strong Enough to Break documentary. If this is the case, contact Customer Service and let them know of the error and they will get a correct set sent out to you.

Keep in mind that orders must be placed by the 15th in order to arrive in time for Christmas!

2 thoughts on “5 of 5 Shipping Errors

  1. Carly

    Even then, Hanson said that we still may not get it by Christmas because the shipping times are so varied for any particular place.

    1. Katie Post author

      Hanson.net will try their best – but as soon as they pass it off to USPS, anything can happen and honestly, nothing would surprise me with USPS involved!

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