December Fan of the Month!

By | December 1, 2010

Name: Jussara Barbosa

Age: 22 years old

Location: Santa Catarina, Brasil

1) What is the very first memory of Hanson that you have?
I remember when they were first here in Brazil in 2000, and I could not go to the shows, I was very sad and cried a lot. I could only watch them on TV…

2) How many times have you seen Hanson in concert? Favorite concert memory?
Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to go to a Hanson concert.

3) What is your favorite Hanson song, and why?
It is practically impossible to have a favorite song, but “Fire On The Mountain” thrills me much because it talks about being better people, right the wrongs and learn from them.

4) Why do you like/love Hanson?
Isaac, Taylor and Zac are three light beings who are born with the mission to bring joy, excitement and laughter to people, and do so with love and the truest way possible, it is clear!

5) How long have you been a Hanson fan?
I’m a fan of Hanson since 1997, but for a few years I stopped following them because of work and college, but never stopped being a fan. My love for them has always been stored in my heart!

6) Why should you be FAN OF THE MONTH?
Well, I want to be a fan of the month because it was during this month I returned to accompany Hanson, then, to me, is very good to rediscover this world again!

7) State a piece of trivia in regards to you & Hanson (optional)
13 years ago my sister came home from school with a poster of Hanson, and we turned to fans, so this love that she and I spent the share at Hanson made us come together, we become friends and began to fight less! lol

One thought on “December Fan of the Month!

  1. Jussara Barbosa

    I would like to thank you for the opportunity to share with you my story and my love for Hanson. Thank you.
    Gostaria de agradecer pela oportunidade em compartilhar com vocês a minha história e meu amor pelo Hanson. Muito obrigada.

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