Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Jen’s Photos!

Jen took some great photos at the Northampton and Montreal shows! The Northampton show photos can be found HERE And the Montreal gallery can be found HERE at her Flickr page.

Jen’s Northampton and Montreal reviews

Jennifer sent us a link to her blog: On it she has some posts about her trip to the states and Montreal to check out two Hanson shows. She has some great photos too and it is always fun to read about other people’s travel experiences! If you find yourself with some free time, definitely check out her… Read More »

Hanson: We’re not Justin Bieber

The Baltimore Sun Author: Erik Maza Hanson: We’re not Justin Bieber Years after hit song “MmmBop,” Hanson returns to compete with a new generation of young pop stars. Before Justin Bieber, before the Jonas Brothers, before even ‘Nsync, there was Hanson. In 1997, the three teens from Tulsa, Okla., were more ubiquitous than Guess Jeans or stories about… Read More »